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The reason that I write this publication is to educate, empower, entertain and inform you

of the shortest, fastest way to obtain that body that you have always wanted, and the fantastic level of health and fitness that goes with it. The road to being the "best you" physically, mentally and spiritually is ultimately the road that will make you the happiest, I hope you enjoy your journey!

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The gym isn’t the biggest or the best, but after trying out one of their “3 day guest passes” I actually joined because I saw the passion and the belief that the staff had for what they do and I wasn’t pressured like some of the other centres I’ve been too.

Kim, especially who I joined with encouraged and motivated me at a time when things weren’t altogether going the best for me, it’s obvious he loves what he does and has a lot of knowledge about fitness. Thanks again guys.Skye Linhart-(now a qualified Life Coach)


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 "How To" area!  A ultimate "How To" package. Giving all the knowledge in bite size pieces about keeping your workouts productive, what to do, how to do it, how often, fitness and food facts, motivational library etc etc Why do so many people buy home gym equipment only for it to end up on Ebay or in "cashies"? This DVD will show you exactly how to use the equipment for the best results and how to make each workout fresh and challenging. In the gym or at home PCS will give you the information and tools you need to get fitter and stronger wherever you're working out! The complete Mind, Body, and Spirit website. The site was designed to provide a wide range of downloads that can help you to stay enthusiastic, motivated and focused. If you are what you eat then you're  also what you read, watch and listen to. You'll find loads of "nutrition" for the body mind and spirit!

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