Get PAID $20 To Take A FREE Driving Lesson!

Free driving lesson get paid

Get paid $20 to take a free driving lesson

Nominate a Learner Driver For a FREE driving Lesson and YOU Get Twenty  Dollars!(Yes that someone taking the lesson CAN be you!)

Simply go (link opens in new window)

follow the simple instructions to register for your free lesson-then go to BOTTOM of  THIS page and fill in your details-I’ll be in touch ASAP to book your  lesson.

Please read the WHOLE AD carefully thanks.I live in Doveton and within 20k ONLY-any doubts? Go to google maps and type in Waratah street Doveton and use that as your reference.

You must be a LEARNER driver holding an Australian learners permit NOT an overseas license  only please don’t read any further if this doesn’t apply to you.Please note I am unable to reply to FB messages and will only respond to phone or email contacts thanks for understanding

No catches! No need to purchase any further lessons!

On lesson day you will need to have your supervising driver who MUST hold a FULL Australian drivers licence with you for the full 1-hour duration of the free lesson.

                                          How Can I offer you a FREE Lesson?

I am A Gold accredited “k2d” Keys to Drive instructor and I Get paid by the government to be able to offer this lesson. I provide the $20 as an incentive for the learner driver to take the lesson and learn same valuable safe driving skills; the “supervising Driver” will also pick up some valuable tips on how to teach the learner driver the same.

You will:

www.fit2driveschool.comLearn some valuable safe driving skills from someone who has a passion for teaching. Many of our students who have used other Instructors say “But why didn’t my previous instructor tell me that”? Or “Doing it this way seems so much easier than what I was taught before”

www.fit2driveschool.comGet the Twenty  dollars immediately after the lesson!

www.fit2driveschool.comYou will get a FREE copy of my Book that sells for Thirty Seven Dollars from:


Blacktown RMS passed First Time!

Blacktown RMS passed First Time!

Contact Us 0409 771 606

Phone: 0409 771 606

Ready to book?phone me on

0409 771 606

Warm Regards Kim Martin Owner Fit2Drive-Making Learning To Drive FUN!

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