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Blacktown RMS passed First Time!

About your instructor:
Kim is a Cert 4 “Gold Accreditation” “k2d” award winning driving instructor. Kim is the author of several books, both on customer service skills within the driving instructor industry as well as his  “Pass Your P Plate Test First Time” and  many other articles on safe driving.


Excellence In Driver Training

He is the CEO and founder of ADISA “Australian Driving Instructors Service Association”-dedicated to promoting in excellence in driving instructor training.

“Turn Your Driving Actions Into Your Driving Habits”

Mums and Dads NO more nagging,this is the voice of the Driving Instructor!

This soundtrack is a guided session taking you through everything you’ll need to do to drive confidently,yes that includes changing lanes,correct blindspot checks and all the other things you’ll need to do to pass your P Plates (or full license driving test!) on the day of the test.
Correct practice will turn your actions into habits.

These affirmations and guided suggestions will help to replace “outside help ( your supervising drivers) with inside thoughts”. They will guide you to “practice with a purpose” and the more you listen to it the more you’ll turn your thoughts into actions.

It’s not meant to replace good quality instruction(whether from your supervising drivers or your instructor) but rather to complement what you are learning and perhaps to eliminate some of mum/dad/ your supervising drivers habits that may not be the best!


There Are Two Versions,You Get Both. Plus a bonus PDF of all the suggestions that you can also read.

Version One: can be used while driving (providing you a few hours up and can master the basics such as steering and staying in position) it’s okay to listen to this.

And it’s great to listen to as a passenger, both you and your supervising driver will benefit.

Version Two: will take you through a guided relaxation session first before the safe driving affirmations start and can be used with or without headphones when you have 20 minutes or so of undisturbed quiet time You may either be lying down or sitting in a comfy chair with your hands resting on a table or in your lap.

Excellent for anxious or nervous AND older drivers.

Yes it works!

How Does It Work?

It is a series of easy to understand instructions spoken in a calm,clear voice, it’s the way I teach.

No screaming or getting upset-learners make mistakes and I end up with the students of the instructors that do “scream and holler”!

It is meant to be listened to as often as possible as these affirmations and instructions will become embedded into your subconscious become second nature to you.

The actions that you continually repeat will become habits.
Good driving habits done regularly become safe driving habits for life!


Is It Safe?

Safety First Fit2drive School

Yes It’s completely safe!

Yes it is completely safe to listen to this while driving,in fact far safer than many other actions that are done while driving!
Its exactly like having me as your instructor sitting next to you.

Whether you’re a beginner, or have lots of hours up these guided suggestions will give the confidence to stay focused,drive safely, and to pass your test.


Here A sample of The Affirmative Instructions You’ll Be Listening To.

Fit2drive School Pass your ps first time I know that humor and laughter are important learning tools in any new endeavor.

Fit2drive School Pass your ps first time I stay calm even when other drivers may sound their horn or act impatiently towards me.

Fit2drive School Pass your ps first time I change lanes confidently and assertively, I always put my indicator on first in the direction I want to go, check my mirrors and blindspot and move when it is safe.

Fit2drive School Pass your ps first time I am calm and relaxed while driving. I keep my focus totally on the road and I have confidence in my ability to drive safely.

Fit2drive School Pass your ps first time Whenever I use the brake or the indicators my eyes automatically go and check my centre mirror.

Fit2drive School Pass your ps first time I am especially careful when approaching pedestrian crossings, I slow down if someone is within 3 meters and prepare to stop and let them walk completely across, from one footpath to the other footpath. I do not move my car until they are off the road.

Fit2drive School Pass your ps first time When driving I never let the actions of the driver of vehicle behind me negatively influence my driving behavior.

Fit2drive School Pass your ps first time I change lanes confidently and assertively, I always put my indicator on first in the direction I want to go, check my mirrors and blindspot and move smoothly across when it is safe.

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1: The “Guided Relaxation” – cannot be used when driving!

2: The “In Car”  version that you can use while driving.

3: Plus the bonus transcript as a visual reminder to read.

4: PLUS $50 in $10 off lesson vouchers (Normal price $55 per hour you get 5 lessons if you choose at $45 each

5: Plus free copy of my book($37 value) “Pass Your P Plate test First Time”

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