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Blacktown RMS passed First Time!

Blacktown RMS passed First Time!

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 Ask How You Can Qualify For Our Certificate Of Excellence In Safe Driving!

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Learn and retain more information,while having a little a fun at the same time! On every lesson you will get:

  • On every lesson a nice bottle of water to drink -driving can be thirsty work especially if you’re nervous!
  • Written feedback about what you need to practice and what you’ve done well during the lesson!
  • Even if you do NOT use my car on test day I’ll text you through some last minute “test day tips”!
  • My special “Kims Tips Sheet” EXACTLY what your assessor will be looking for you to do on test day and of course for your own safe driving behavior

Contact Us 0409 771 606

Phone: 0409 771 606

Questions? Please feel free to phone me on 0409 771 606


Warm Regards Kim Martin Owner Fit2Drive-Making Learning To Drive FUN!

MUST BE A LEARNER DRIVER  ON L PLATES GOING FOR YOUR AUSTRALIAN RED P PLATE ONLY! You MUST have someone with you for the 1 hour duration of the lesson who holds a FULL Australian drivers license.

Register for the free lesson, in the MESSAGE section of the email form below I will need:

  1. The Learners full name
  2. A MOBILE contact number and and EMAIL address
  3. The learners Date Of Birth
  4. The Learners License Number NOT The “Card Number”
  5. License expiry
  6. Your home Address

I will register you and with 12 hours a Free Lesson Validation code will be sent to the mobile contact and we are good to go!

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Pass Your Test With NO Accidents In The First 6 Months!

Pass Your Test With NO Accidents In The First 6 Months!